Regions That Are Facing a Loss in Biodiversity?

Answer Biodiversity refers to the quantity of living species found in an area. The loss of biodiversity happens when species become extinct in the wild. This is very often linked to human activities, such... Read More »

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Ecosystems & Regions With High Biodiversity?

Regions with high biodiversity, or a greater variation in species, are primarily clustered in warm tropical climes around the world, generally near the equator. However, there are exceptions.

Which is safest front facing or rear facing car seat?

front facing because if the seat is the wrong way how can you see out the window

At what age should may a rear facing seat be placed facing forward? Please keep the child rear-facing for as long as possible (according to the limits of your particular seat).

Should I get my wrist tattoo facing me or facing others?

Facing you because it's important to you. Your the one who will have it on your body the rest of your life, wouldn't it be annoying to have to turn your wrist around everytime you wanted to see it ... Read More »