Regarding using the eraser tool in Adobe Photoshop 7....?

Answer Sounds to me like you're having a Layers problem.Did you add the element as a new layer? If so, you have total controllability of each separate layer. Just be sure you've selected the layer you w... Read More »

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How to Use the Adobe Illustrator Eraser Tool?

Creating or manipulating a pre-existing onscreen image takes a certain amount of skill. The Eraser Tool in the Adobe Creative Suite is a valuable resource. Follow the steps below and you'll learn h... Read More »

How do i use the marquee tool in adobe photoshop?

Open Photoshop and pull down the File menu, then click Open followed by Browse. Locate an image on your computer and double-click it; it will open in the Photoshop workspace.Right-click the Marquee... Read More »

How do I use the lasso tool in Adobe Photoshop 6?

Open a photo or image in Photoshop by clicking "File," then "Open," then "Browse" and navigating to the image. Double-click it so it opens in your work space.Click the "Lasso" tool, which looks lik... Read More »

How do I use the blend tool in Adobe Photoshop CS2?

Start your computer and upload your digital image. Start Photoshop CS2 and open your file. Choose "Layer" and "Duplicate Layer" from the Menu bar and pull-down menu. Choose an element you want to a... Read More »