Regarding Windows Update files?

Answer Maybe, maybe not. Check the event log for errors so you can identify what actually caused the failure. Updates are usually in the windows\software distribution folder. You might be successfull rest... Read More »

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How to Remove Windows Vista Update Backup Files?

Removing the Windows Vista backup files on your computer can free up nearly 1.5 gigabytes of space of you remove the backup files for both Service Packs 1 and 2, or close to 0.5 gigabytes of space ... Read More »

Where are Windows Update files stored in Vista?

If you have automatic updates enabled, Windows Vista stores your update history and related data in the directory C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution. You can find any files that have been saved by Win... Read More »

I plugged in printer. There is no automatic update for driver from windows 8 update. Weird?

Not weird. You have several options - go to printer website and see if there is a driver available to download. try the disk that came with the printer. Hope the printer will work if you install a ... Read More »

Microsoft Excel Question regarding auto update of Date of Birth?

There are at least three basic ways to show an AGE value based upon a Birth Date. Here is but one of those: = INT( ( TODAY() - B2 ) / 365.25 )Where "B2" is the reference to the cell containing ... Read More »