Regarding Facebook, Do you add people you don't know if they ask to be your friend?

Answer No. I don't want to see random status updates and news feeds on people I don't know lol.

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How can people i dont know tag me on facebook, they are merely a mutual friend?

You need to adjust your privacy settings in Facebook. There is step-by-step on removing tags and updated your privacy details. Just note, people may try to put their own tags on photos if they thin... Read More »

On facebook it says im banned from messages and friend requests for sending to people i dont know.?

"Also I NEVER send messages to people i dont know..."Correction... You never KNOWINGLY send messages to people you don't know. You've probably been "clickjacked" or something similar...FB is rife w... Read More »

Girls, do you get creeped out when people you dont know are looking thru your pics on myspace or facebook?

No because I do it to! Especially if people have pics of their travels up, i love looking at other peoples pics! As long as you're not putting up inappropriate or distasteful pics of yourself what ... Read More »

How do I de-friend people on FaceBook?

Go to their profile. You will see an "unfollow" button on their page. Click that, and they are no longer your friend. They won't know that you unfollowed them either, unless they check their friend... Read More »