Regarding Condominium laws who is eligible to be on the association board?

Answer Usually just the person that owns the condo.Review your governing documents to understand the qualifications for board membership in your particular community.No two states establish the same requi... Read More »

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How do you find Florida condominium and timeshare statues regarding election laws for the association?

You can find the specific answer you want in your governing documents. They include the CC&Rs, By-Laws and any board-approved Resolutions. You may also find details about association voting rights... Read More »

Illinois Condominium Association Laws?

Living in a condominium community in the State of Illinois can be a rewarding experience. And this experience can be greatly heightened if all of the unit owners know and understand that condomini... Read More »

What is the role of a condominium association board president?

You can take a free, online course that will help you understand the fundamentals of association leadership, using the link, below.Otherwise, your duties and responsibilities are also detailed in t... Read More »

What are the laws regarding filming in home owners association meetings?

Your answer depends on who's filming and the purpose for filming or recording an association meeting. There may or may not be a law covering filming or recording -- you can check with your local Se... Read More »