Refrigerator Food Storage Guide?

Answer While a refrigerator may appear to be a free-for-all storage space for anything that needs to stay cold, proper item placement can extend the life of perishables. Different areas of the refrigerato... Read More »

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Can you prolong battery life by storage in refrigerator?

No not really. But it depends on the type of battery you are using. Basically the only battery that you can get more use out of if you put it in the refrigerator is NiMH and Nicad batteries, (mostl... Read More »

What temperature should food be stored at in a refrigerator to chill food properly?

Between 1 to 5 degrees C, to hold food at a warm temperature you want it to be over 60C.

How to Keep a Motor Home Refrigerator Mold Free While It Is in Storage over the Winter?

Bacteria grows because there were still minute particles of bacteria when you wiped the fridge out.

If your refrigerator died and you lost food how much can you ask the landlord for replacement of the lost food?

Answer Most of the time the answer is “Yes.” However, if you notify the landlord right away, he can usually have an appliance repair person there very quickly so you donÂ’t lose any food items. ... Read More »