Reformatted a hard drive, got "boot mgr not found. Press ctrl+alt+delete to restart"?

Answer You need to go into the BIOS and set the flash drive as the Default Boot. It should be labelled USB:Soandso - You can normally find it under Boot options.EDIT@@@:Boot MGR not found is because the B... Read More »

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Unable to boot from pendrive. "Remove disk or other media and press any key to restart"?

make your pendrive bootable once again for some other operating system (not the current one, which itself may be corrupt). if it works, then the OS image is the culprit.if it doesn't work, try maki... Read More »

Reformatted hard drive but now it opens random programmes?

Well possessed of course its microsoft, yeah i think you're gonna av to re-do, odd problems, as said re-install make sure you already have the correct drivers. How did you re-install from restore ... Read More »

Access data on a hard drive with a damaged master boot record and boot sector ?

Yeah, you can access those files.What I would do is to plug the hard drive into an external hard drive enclosure and then plug it into my computer via USB. Assuming you lack that equipment, you sh... Read More »

Can i boot Linux off a CD and use an external hard drive as the default drive?

Yes but you would also need a boot CD every time,The bare computer only has a very basic booting system that can't recognise usb disksEasiest solution is find or buy a second hand hard disk and ins... Read More »