Reflective Journal Topics for Pre-Service Teachers?

Answer Through reflection, pre-service teachers can think critically not only about the education system, but also about their place in it. Whether assigned or simply part of a self-improvement process, m... Read More »

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Reflective Journal Writing Tips?

A reflective journal provides you, as the student, with a method for looking back on the lessons of the day or week and forming your own opinions about them. Reflective journals help you expand you... Read More »

Reflective Essay Topics for Negative Behavior?

A reflective essay is used to share an author's feelings on a topic or theme. Reflective essays are generally written in the first person, and express feelings and ideas rather than criticism and a... Read More »

Journal Topics for Fun?

Keeping a journal allows students to express their ideas and feelings, and discuss their experiences, through writing. Fun journal topics get students into the practice of writing and develop their... Read More »

Journal Topics for School?

Many teachers use journaling as a way to gain insight into their students' interests and thoughts as well as give them a chance to practice their informal writing. By engaging your pupils in journa... Read More »