Reference Check Procedures?

Answer Background checks are an important part of the hiring process. They provide a snapshot of the potential employee's past, including employment history, personal references and any involvement in leg... Read More »

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What is a reference check?

Many employers and businesses will check a candidate's previous employment and educational references before a hiring decision is made. Failing to check references can lead to unnecessary costs, ex... Read More »

How to Check a Landlord Reference?

Although it's not as common a practice, potential tenants have just as much right to look into their landlords as the landlord has to look into them. After all, the degree to which your landlord ba... Read More »

How to Reference Check for Employment?

Checking references of potential employees is one of the painful parts of hiring. Admit it: You probably do a poor job of it. If you are like most employers you will check references last, after yo... Read More »

What can be asked on an employee reference check?

When speaking to the references of a candidate for a new job it is important to ask questions relating to the individual's performance, skills, and personal traits. But there are some questions tha... Read More »