Redirection problem (websites like google)?

Answer Hi, For this problem to solve, do as follows.Go to your Google chrome settings. Open the tab which has the homepage option. In that tab, type and save the settings.Remember to ty... Read More »

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New Facebook won't load with google chrome with Sony google tv. Anyone having this problem & how do you fix it?

All u have to do is zoom out n the screen will pop back up to the new facebook hold the right top zoom button then slide analog mouse down n thats it u back business....

What is google's other websites?

You can find some services offered by google from here it includes google translate which can translate text or web pages from one language to other, google news that... Read More »

Do you know any websites like google? (best) (best for songs) (best for knowing something how it works)

How to Block Websites in Google?

Google Chrome is a Web browser introduced in 2008. Since that time, it has grown steadily in use. Just as other browsers—such as Internet Explorer and Safari—have the capacity to block websites... Read More »