Red squirrel vs. Grey squirrel, who would win?

Answer The Grey Squirrel has the Red Squirrel on the ropes, and is about to stave it's skull in with a walnut when Grandpapa Smurf turns up and incinerates the Grey Squirrel with a fireball spell... or pe... Read More »

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Why is the grey squirrel doing this?

The forbidden peanuts must be better than easily obtained ones, Squirrels must think a bit like us.

How can you prevent the North American Grey Squirrel from blundering into mole traps?

How to Not Run Over a Squirrel?

A way to avoid making a squirrel part of the pavement

How do i get rid of a squirrel?

Rent a coyote. Or take up falconry Let nature take its course.Seriously... squirrels stay because there is a good food source. Cover the dog food if it is outside. If you have a bird feeder, m... Read More »