Red pepper added to almost all food?

Answer I dine out frequently and haven't particularly noticed that. I don't mind spicy foods although I don't go for really hot things any more like I did when I was young. Before I retired at the end of ... Read More »

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What food can be added to the diet, as a natural laxative?

Wheat Germ or Flax Seeds. Both can be added to just about anything and they have no negative taste. I put both in smoothies and Wheat Germ on my yogurt when I have a late night snack craving. They ... Read More »

Why is iron oxide added to bird food?

Iron oxide is a common source of non-toxic and non-bleeding pigment. It is found in products ranging from shoe polish to lipstick to credit cards, and can be produced both naturally and synthetical... Read More »

Is there any food product in UK that doesn't contain atleast 1g of added sugar?

What does salt do to gives taste...its a seasoning like pepper?

It does several things1) It seasons food and it's a flavor enhancer for the other profiles of the dish2) It draws moisture out (like cured meats or cured salmon)3) it's a slows down yeast activity... Read More »