Red lump at back of tongue on left side. Had tonsillectomy in Janurary?

Answer It might just be normal scar tissue from the operation, or just a naturally occurring bit of asymmetric tissue. Everybody has various random tissue bumps in the back of their throats. Just keep an... Read More »

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I have a 9 year old boy who has a lump on the back left side of his neck, it is painful?

Hello there. Is the lump under the skin? If this is the case it can be an inflammed posterior cervical chain lymph node (a chain of small jelly-bean sized glands) that can become inflammed with a... Read More »

Painless Soft lump on top left side of your 2 year olds head left side?

Cyst-my daughter had one and it grew bigger as she grew. The cosmetic surgeon removed it.

Should you be concerned if you have a small hard fixed lump on the back left side of your neck that causes severe headaches and neck pain in that general area?

There are two things that it can be. Either you have a torn or strained muscle that is now a knot and needs to be taken care of by message or chiropractic care. Or your glands are swollen and it sh... Read More »

There is a lump in my gums of the left side of my mouth?

Sounds like an abscess to me. You really need to make an appointment with your dentist. If it is in fact an abscess, it won't be painful to get rid of it. All they'll do is give you an antibiotic t... Read More »