Red line on my screen?

Answer solving suggestion:1.just right click on open space in your computer screen properties 3.see display properties, here click screen saver, select (blank) screen saver, now click (preview) 4.... Read More »

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Green horizontal line on my screen.?

I would say this is most likely your HDD so I would either get it checked or take it out of your computer and put it into another computer so you can rule it out as the problem but I think the prob... Read More »

Screen Saver Command Line Options?

Screen savers are programs that fill an entire computer screen with images that move and change. They were originally designed to ensure that a stagnant image does not get "burned" into a computer ... Read More »

Olympus VG120 digital camera Line on screen?

There is NO way for you to repair your camera.All you can do is have it repaired at a competent camera repair shopIt may cost more than buying a new one, however.You have learned a tough lesson. N... Read More »

Why does my laptop have a vertical line in its screen?

Agree or maybe there is a crack or split somewhere.Check it out with your local warrenty provider.