Red line on my screen?

Answer solving suggestion:1.just right click on open space in your computer screen properties 3.see display properties, here click screen saver, select (blank) screen saver, now click (preview) 4.... Read More »

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I have a 1 year old tv w/line down middle of screen why?'s NOT an easy fix....did you forget these TVs have RIBBON CABLES and no solder joints past the X-Y driver ICs?If you're getting a picture, then those drive ICs are recieving their signals a... Read More »

Why does my laptop have a vertical line in its screen?

Agree or maybe there is a crack or split somewhere.Check it out with your local warrenty provider.

Black line across computer screen, any way to fix myself?

Check if that black line appears in your BIOS, if it doesn't appear, update your display drivers according to the card manufacturer that should fix it. If the line appears in the BIOS it is problem... Read More »

Green horizontal line on my screen.?

I would say this is most likely your HDD so I would either get it checked or take it out of your computer and put it into another computer so you can rule it out as the problem but I think the prob... Read More »