Red car insurance higher why?

Answer It actually isn't higher... The reason people say that it is higher is because the color red supposedly instills "anger" in the driver making them more likely to be in an accident. This however is ... Read More »

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Is insurance higher on a red car?

No. The color of the car has absolutely nothing to do with the cost of the insurance.

An insurance policy with a higher premium most likely has?

Is Homeowner's Insurance Higher for Rental Properties?

Insurance provides protection from the unpredictable. Property owners that occupy their homes, or those that own rental property, are at risk of loss from a plethora of possible events. When a prop... Read More »

Is auto insurance higher in California than Arizona?

According to auto insurance studies conducted in 2007, the average cost of automobile insurance in the state of California is less than that of Arizona. In 2007 California residents paid an average... Read More »