Red bumps on scalp?

Answer It almost sounds like your getting boils on your scalp or probably infected hair bumps. You need to see a doctor to tell for certain. It could be something as minor as an allergy to a haircare pr... Read More »

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Itchy Scalp and Bumps?

fluoride in your water would cause

Weird pimple like bumps on scalp?

It is probably the fluoride in your water it causes fluoride rash. Fluoride is a toxin that builds us in our system it is more toxic than lead and only slightly less toxic than arsenic. The stuff... Read More »

Can chocolate cause a full-body skin rash with red swollen bumps or - on mild days - small red bumps?

Chocolate allergies have several possible symptoms. A red bumpy rash is among them. Some others are: Headaches Migraines Hay Fever Hives Heartburn Rectal itching Confusion Breathing problemsSee t... Read More »

How to Treat Itchy Scalp or Oily Scalp with the Help of Zinc?

If you suffer from an oily scalp or itchy skin, you know that this uncomfortable problem often causes embarrassment. That persistent itch often pops up at the most inconvenient times, such as in th... Read More »