Red Thread Lawn Treatment?

Answer Red thread, a lawn fungus disease, causes red or pink fungus strands to grow on the tops of grass blades. Once this fungus infects the grass, it causes brown patches to form throughout the lawn. ... Read More »

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Laser Treatment for Thread Veins?

Thread veins can be treated with a variety of different methods including injections, surgical removal or laser treatments. The laser treatment used to diminish unsightly thread veins is known as l... Read More »

Gypsum Treatment for Your Lawn?

Gypsum is a common mineral that is used as a lawn additive. It helps to aerate and loosen compacted soils and it adds needed minerals such as calcium and sulfur. Gypsum is typically applied the sam... Read More »

Lawn Tick Treatment?

There are more than 850 species of ticks, according to American Lawns. The five genera of ticks in the United States can transmit many conditions caused by protozoa, bacteria, viruses, and toxins. ... Read More »

Early Spring Lawn Treatment?

Early spring marks the time for homeowners to begin preparing their lawn for the coming season of active grass growth and increased recreational use. By getting started on a lawn care plan early in... Read More »