Red Ground Cover Plants?

Answer If you're put off by the expense and energy required to maintain a lush lawn, you can plant a ground cover instead. Ground cover plant varieties abound, and are appropriate for all climates and soi... Read More »

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How do you get rid of ground bees under your ground cover plants?

Ground Cover Plants for Paths?

The choice of ground cover plants for your garden or lawn paths depends on the effect you would like the foliage to have on the area. Aromatic herbs like thyme and mint release powerful, refreshing... Read More »

Fragrant Ground Cover Plants?

Ground cover plants are low-growing and create a dense mat and thick covering over bare ground. Ground cover plants help to increase the aesthetic value of landscapes. Many ground covers are chosen... Read More »

Plants Used for Ground Cover?

Ground cover plants are low-growing flowers and plants that spread rapidly and provide a thick, dense coverage to the areas where they are used. These plants not only add beauty to your garden or l... Read More »