Red Bean Plants?

Answer Red beans come in many varieties. Red beans are one of the most commonly sold beans in the marketplace, and the Asian azuki bean plays a large role in Asian culture. With red beans, the seedpod doe... Read More »

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How to Sprout Bean Plants?

Beans sprout so well that sprouting beans provides a basic learning activity for children. With dried beans, containers, water and absorbent growing material, anyone can sprout bean plants. Many va... Read More »

Aphids in Bean Plants?

Aphids are soft-bodied insects that suck the sap from their host plant. There are numerous varieties of the pest, and some are host-specific. Aphid eating behavior rarely kills a plant, but in larg... Read More »

The Fastest-Growing Bean Plants?

Although some pole varieties of beans have been developed to mature quickly, the fastest-growing bean plants are generally bush bean varieties. Some varieties of bush beans mature faster than other... Read More »

What are casta-bean plants?

little beans with eyes that can kill people