Recycled Pop Bottle Playground Equipment Companies?

Answer The recycling industry has started making playground equipment out of recycled pop bottles. With the amount of plastic pop bottles that are used today and just tossed out, this is a creative way to... Read More »

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How to Make Your Own Recycled Playground?

Making your own backyard playground out of recycled materials is not only environmentally sound, it's an enjoyable project. One recycled material for playground building that is readily available a... Read More »

Can an adult use the equipment in a playground?

An adult can use the equipment in a playground only if there are no signs prohibiting it. Some playgrounds, like those in New York City, do not allow in adults who are not accompanied by children. ... Read More »

Commercial Playground Equipment Tools?

Commercial playground equipment requires a variety of common hand tools. Different manufacturers will make equipment designed for an assortment of tools, but the only special equipment is generally... Read More »

Playground Equipment for Students With Special Needs?

Playgrounds give children a fundamentally needed opportunity to interact and socialize, have fun, and develop their physical and mental abilities. Standards 240 and 1008 in the 2010 Americans with ... Read More »