Recurring shin pain whenever I play football?

Answer It sounds like a shin splint to me, check with the doctor or coach or physician! :)

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Achilles Pain, pain between shin and calf?

This pain could be due to damaged/injured tendon of the Posterior Tibialis muscle in your leg.

Recurring knee pain?

You need to get a really good knee support. Right now you need to take it easy, keep a pillow under your knee so you don't over extend it.Ice it. You should actually rotate between ice and heat. ... Read More »

Excruciating recurring pain in tailbone?

You need to see a doctor. A common cause of tailbone pain, particularly in young people, is a pilonidal cyst. Read about it here, and if you think you have one, see your doctor for appropriate tr... Read More »

Why do we feel pain whenever we get hit or cut?

This is due to the thousands of nerves/neurones found in the body. A neurone is the technical name for a nerve. There are three types: Sensory neurone - Carries electrical signal from the receptor/... Read More »