Recovering time for Epididymitis?

Answer Ajit sinh - I believe that the "little hard thing" that you feel on top of your right testicle is a slightly enlarged epididymis that is slowly returning to its normal size as the result of your ef... Read More »

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Epididymitis won't go away.what can I do?

You just can go and see your doctor early, but that's all, so when you see him on Tuesday you should be fine..

How to Treat Epididymitis in the Wilderness?

An emergency can arise when you or loved ones enjoy adventures out in the wild. Epididymitis is the inflammation of the testicle tube. Getting prompt treatment at a medical facility can be difficul... Read More »

Used to have epididymitis.Burn before and after urinaring?

Urologist is a good choice. Epididmitis is situated on testis; does not play a role in burning sensation during urination.

Previously diagnosed with epididymitis and now DiagnosedWith Urethritis?

Even if they did not find bacteria it woud be best to get a course of antibiotics, if you can, go to an urologist. If the antibiotics do not help in certain cases urethritis can be autoimmune, in w... Read More »