Recovering from anorexia/toning up?

Answer For burning fat/getting a six pack (hopefully!) Running and swimmingIf you are someone who can run, try to run a mile everyday after school, If you can do that with ease, run two miles insteadSwimm... Read More »

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How come I was recovering from a cold but get another one instead?

I caught this same cold a few weeks back. Apparently its going around the North Eastern United States. Try NiQuil, the liquid form, it helped everyone I know that caught it. Refrain from talking, a... Read More »

Why is it not recovering ***10 POINTS***?

So I can see that you're really desperate - I know it's miserable when you're sporty and are in pain. However, really, you're doing all the correct things. I'm sure you have an x-ray when you went ... Read More »

How to Eat When Recovering From Addiction?

When you are recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, the main focus is on avoiding the substance that caused the problem in the first place. However, there is another important aspect of recover... Read More »

How to Help a Recovering Alcoholic?

If you have a recovering alcoholic in your family, or are friends with a recovering alcoholic, there are some things that you should know.