Recovering data from pen drive?

Answer Power data recovery. Just try it. maybe, you can not recover all data, because formating is a process of overwriting data.

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Recovering data from a faulty SD Card?

there is no way u could do a recovery on ur own at home. Cuz SD's are mainly circuits and once it is damaged it is extremely dificult to recover it by urself.EDIT* Shes talking about an SD CARD her... Read More »

Partitioning hard disk with out loosing data in C drive(i.e, Os and other data) which has only one partition C?

I'm not entirely sure if home basic has the feature but if you go to Start, right click computer, manage then go to Disk Managment and right click on your C drive. It should show an option to "Shri... Read More »

How to Tell Which Side of a Hard Drive's Data Cable Connects to Pin 1 on a Drive?

IDE cables are wide, flat ribbon cables used to connect your drives, such as your hard drive, to your motherboard. The IDE cable is keyed so that it can only fit into the interface port in a single... Read More »

My usb pen drive is not functioningHow to retrive or repair USB pen drive or data?

Unless it has a reset button, there's not much you can do, try formatting it, or repairing and if it doesn't work, it's trash.