Recovering data from a faulty SD Card?

Answer there is no way u could do a recovery on ur own at home. Cuz SD's are mainly circuits and once it is damaged it is extremely dificult to recover it by urself.EDIT* Shes talking about an SD CARD her... Read More »

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Recovering data from pen drive?

Power data recovery. Just try it. maybe, you can not recover all data, because formating is a process of overwriting data.

Can I recover data from a faulty hard drive?

You can recover data from a faulty hard drive--sometimes. One method is to place the drive in an anti-static bag, then seal that bag in a freezer bag, and freeze for several hours. No data-recover... Read More »

Recovering deleted files from memory card?

There are actually quite a few very good "no-kidding" freeware options for photo recovery:…Recommend starting with the freeware PhotoRec: Read More »

How to use an iPhone SIM wih unlimited data plan included in a Sierra Wireless AirCard 875 or any other GSM data card?