Recover my blog Helppppp......?

Answer if you deleted it, and didn't make any backups, then I am pretty sure they are gone. sorry.

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Piercing HELPPPPP!!!!!?

No, foo, don't use Bactine to clean it. Use peroxide so you can bleach a streak in your Scene bangs while simultaneously cleaning your piercing. And be sure when you go to gauge it you use the bigg... Read More »

Braces pain! HELPPPPP?

oh my gosh! i totally wrote an amazing article about this one once. give me five seconds, and i'll get back to you with it!OKAY !ohh don't worry. for the first couple of days they hurt A LOT. your ... Read More »

Helppppp -iPhone 5 Cases?

ask the phone lol lololololololololololollolololololololol…

Helppppp how to scan with hp f440?

No worries, everything is explained here ->…