Recover damaged files from trojan?

Answer If you have vista or win7, maybe this will help. Find the file, right click it, go to Properties, click Previous version. The machine will scan to find the earlier version of the fileSorry that's a... Read More »

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How to Recover From a Trojan Horse Virus?

A Trojan is a particularly nasty form of virus that doesn't simply corrupt your data or steal files, but sometimes has the power to hijack your computer. They come hidden in some seemingly innocuou... Read More »

How to Repair & Recover a Damaged Registry in Windows XP?

A damaged Windows XP registry can cause myriad problems for your PC. In addition to slow startup and performance, programs can freeze, error messages can pop up out of seemingly nowhere and your en... Read More »

Does anyone know how to recover data of a damaged hard drive?

yesss i did and i reformatted my computer too,search up somefin called "getdataback" for "NTSF" or "FAT", it depends wether ur comp runs on ntfs or fat. so yeahh i really hope this of lu... Read More »

How Can I Recover the Data From a Damaged Cell Phone?

In our technological society, cellular phones have become a necessity not only for business people, but for the average person as well. Dropping your cell phone on cement or into a body of water w... Read More »