Recover Unsaved document?

Answer Like Excel, Word provides an AutoRecover feature. Word has included this feature for longer than Excel has, meaning you can recover files from Word 6.x through Word 2003.Word will place AutoRecover... Read More »

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How do I recover an unsaved word document on a Mac?

Recovering a Word DocumentTurn on your Autosave feature. If you have the Autosave feature turned on, it is possible to recover your work when an unsaved Word document for Macintosh crashes. Open th... Read More »

How to Recover an Unsaved Word Document 2007?

The Microsoft Office 2007 suite of programs features an auto-recovery system that helps avoid losing work in unsaved documents. Word 2007, and the other programs, allows the user to configure the a... Read More »

How to recover unsaved word document on libreoffice?

You were supposed to save it. That is why it is called saving.Go to Tools -> Options -> Load/Save -> General.Enable "Always create backup copy".

How to open unsaved document?

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