Recording pay per view from directv h23 600 receiver and a DVD recorder?

Answer Absoutely!

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How do you hook up vhs recorder to DirecTV hd receiver?

Unless your DirecTV receiver has a composite (analog) output of some type, like a component level or RF level, it'd be a waste of time because the signals aren't compatible.Connect your VCR to the ... Read More »

Will any dvd recorder work with a directv hd receiver?

The DirectTV HD receiver features RCA audio and video outputs. Therefore, any DVD recorder with RCA video input capacity (which most DVD recorders have) is compatible with your DirectTV HD receiver... Read More »

How to Record From the DirecTV Box to a DVD Recorder?

The most difficult part of recording from a DIRECTV box to a DVD recorder is connecting the DIRECTV box to the DVD recorder, but even this is not all that complicated. Once hooked up, you will not ... Read More »

When recording programs from the tv, which device is the best(DVR or video or DVD recorder)?

If you're not planning to archive and preserve the stuff for a very long time, then DVR is the best technology you can use.It has a huge hard drive, that can record about 100 hours, works 24 X 7, d... Read More »