Recording pay per view from directv h23 600 receiver and a DVD recorder?

Answer Absoutely!

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How do you hook up vhs recorder to DirecTV hd receiver?

Unless your DirecTV receiver has a composite (analog) output of some type, like a component level or RF level, it'd be a waste of time because the signals aren't compatible.Connect your VCR to the ... Read More »

Will any dvd recorder work with a directv hd receiver?

The DirectTV HD receiver features RCA audio and video outputs. Therefore, any DVD recorder with RCA video input capacity (which most DVD recorders have) is compatible with your DirectTV HD receiver... Read More »

Can you use a ethernet splitter to divide a PC and directv hd receiver on a single port modem to use both computer and directv on demand?

Recorder for recording songs off the radio?

Get a Griffin iMic. You can plug it in to your stereo or tuner, then feed it to your computer. No tape decks needed. About $40.00…You also use it to transf... Read More »