Recording a audio help!! {Best Answer to anyone who can help!}?

Answer You dont need to be a genius. But it may be copyright so I suggest you ask elsewhere, and its not recording its downloading and if its copyright thats software piracy.

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When recording Audio for Video using both the mic inputs, does the video file come with two Audio tracks?

If both mic inputs are used and the recording is stereo, then you get left and right tracks. If you are using the current version of FCP X, then you need to double click on the single audio track a... Read More »

Can someone help me edit an audio recording?

A previous answer said:First from the file menu, browse for the audio file. Let the audio file load. Then from the effect menu in the toolbar, click noise removal "get noise pro... Read More »

How to Use Compression in Audio Recording?

Compression can add a touch of professionalism to a recording, and is an integral part of the modern sound.  Lets learn some ways to use compression to improve upon recorded material.

Which is better for audio recording, firewire or USB?

On One Hand: Firewire 400 is FasterFirewire (400 mbs/sec) is faster then USB 1.1 (12 mbs/sec), so recording audio with firewire will allow cleaner recording of audio, says. More bandw... Read More »