Recorder for recording songs off the radio?

Answer Get a Griffin iMic. You can plug it in to your stereo or tuner, then feed it to your computer. No tape decks needed. About $40.00…You also use it to transf... Read More »

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When recording programs from the tv, which device is the best(DVR or video or DVD recorder)?

If you're not planning to archive and preserve the stuff for a very long time, then DVR is the best technology you can use.It has a huge hard drive, that can record about 100 hours, works 24 X 7, d... Read More »

Recording pay per view from directv h23 600 receiver and a DVD recorder?

If I have 1 GB video recorder how much time by minutes can it recording?

Its depend which file format your recorder createWMP make approx 3 hrs.

Does anyone still have a video recorder they do there recording on or sky plus recordable dvd player?

hi hun yeah i still have a video recorder my daughter has it in her room she likes to watch all her Disney vids on it ,theres not many places that sell the blank tape... Read More »