Recordable DVD + deterioation?

Answer This is a topic of heated debate. First, you need to understand that recordable DVDs have a heat activated dye which turns dark under the heat of the laser. Some tests, where the DVDs have been e... Read More »

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How to Choose Which Recordable CD to Buy?

In order to put the CD burner in your computer to good use, you'll need to pick up some recordable CDs. A simple trip to the electronics store will quickly reveal that there are many different bran... Read More »

Is there a recordable blu-ray player?

Yes, the recordable bluyrayplayers are just entering the scene for the general public. The Panasonic DMR-BW500 is one of the latest on the market with great performance for reasonable money. But th... Read More »

Are CD-R discs re-recordable?

What Is the Difference Between a Writable CD and a Recordable CD?

The basic difference between a recordable CD (CD-R) and a writable CD (CD-RW) is that a CD-R can only be burned once, and a CD-RW can be burned and reused many times.