Record somthing off of a tape?

Answer Install a video capture card in your PC.You can connect player to computer instead of TV,and capture,edit,name,and store on computer or burn to DVD.

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How do I record a VHS tape onto DVD?

DVD/VCR ComboConnect a VHS/DVD recorder combination to your television by plugging in the RCA cables or by using the coaxial inputs on the device. Insert a blank DVD into the DVD recorder, and inse... Read More »

How to Record From a Tape to a DVD on an MWD2205?

The Magnavox MWD2205 is a VCR/DVD player combination unit. It is a convenient device for watching both VHS tapes and DVDs without having to connect two separate components to the TV. There are DVD ... Read More »

Is it legal to tape record someone?

The laws about taping conversations vary by state. The majority of states permit a person to record a telephone conversation without informing the other party. Other states require two-party consen... Read More »

Do you press sp or lp to record 2 hrs on a 1hr tape on a vid rec?