Record somthing off of a tape?

Answer Install a video capture card in your PC.You can connect player to computer instead of TV,and capture,edit,name,and store on computer or burn to DVD.

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Do you press sp or lp to record 2 hrs on a 1hr tape on a vid rec?

Can i record a dvd on to a video tape?

Yes you can but you will need separate components to bypass the copy protection feature. Hook the output of the DVD player into the input of the VCR. Make sure that you can view the picture from th... Read More »

How do I record a VHS tape onto DVD?

DVD/VCR ComboConnect a VHS/DVD recorder combination to your television by plugging in the RCA cables or by using the coaxial inputs on the device. Insert a blank DVD into the DVD recorder, and inse... Read More »

How to Record From a Tape to a DVD on an MWD2205?

The Magnavox MWD2205 is a VCR/DVD player combination unit. It is a convenient device for watching both VHS tapes and DVDs without having to connect two separate components to the TV. There are DVD ... Read More »