Recommended Paging Sizes?

Answer Windows uses a paging file--sometimes called a swap file--to supplement system memory. When available RAM is low, Windows begins to use hard drive space to swap files from RAM to the paging file a... Read More »

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Recommended Trowel Sizes for Ceramic Tile Flooring?

When tile flooring is installed, it's imperative that it receive the proper amount of setting material coverage. Part of this coverage is the depth and size of the ridges produced by the trowel. Th... Read More »

How do I compare European bed sizes with American bed sizes?

Standard BedsDetermine the bed size you wish to compare. Four common standard bed sizes are used in the U.S. (twin, double, queen, and king) and in continental Europe (90 or single, 140, 160 and 18... Read More »

How Are Plus Sizes Different From Regular Sizes?

You may think the name says it all, but plus-size clothing differs in many ways from standard sizes---and not just in the numbers on the label. Shopping in plus sizes can be confusing at first, but... Read More »

How to Prevent Paging?

Paging is bringing blocks (called pages) of a program into main memory. These pages are brought in as needed because the entire program is too large to be brought into memory all at one time. Somet... Read More »