Recommended Auto Transmission Additives?

Answer Mechanics disagree about whether or not all transmission additives are a good thing. Some believe that transmission additives damage the rubber seals on the transmission and can also reduce the per... Read More »

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How to Stop Leaks With Auto Transmission Additives?

There are a number of transmission additives on the market that a car owner can use to stop a transmission fluid leak. However, car owners should understand the limitations and applications of the ... Read More »

Transmission Additives That Help With Reverse Problems?

When a vehicle is having problems with the reverse gear, it is usually indicative of a developing transmission problem. Transmission-fluid additives may help with some specific transmission problem... Read More »

What is a recommended auto deductible?

Do the lowest amount that you can afford the normal premiums for.

Recommended Limits of Liability for Auto Insurance?

Almost every state requires each driver to have liability auto insurance. In 2007, 13.8 percent of the public drove uninsured, according to Edmunds Inc., which says the higher the unemployment rate... Read More »