Recommendations to Reduce the Crime Rate?

Answer For any society, crime rates, incarceration and the prevalence of violent crime are primary concerns. Depending on relative positions, stakeholders advocate for a variety of methods for reducing th... Read More »

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Does drug testing in schools reduce the crime rate?

On One Hand: It Cuts CrimeAdvocates of drug testing in schools argue that, logically, such a security precaution will necessarily cut crime. Students, knowing that they will be routinely tested, wi... Read More »

How to Reduce Crime in Your Neighborhood?

While we don't like to talk about it - or even think about it - crime is on the increase in America, and throughout the world.The number of burglars, muggers, auto thieves, robbers, purse snatchers... Read More »

What is a crime rate?

Crime rate is the total number of crimes committed in relation to the total population of a given region. The resulting figure is used to monitor the progress and effectiveness of regional systems ... Read More »

What is the crime rate in Switzerland ?

crime there is very low. It is one of the safest country to Visit.