Recommend some beer for me?

Answer Archipelago Lager is all that you need.

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Beer suggestions Need some help from beer lovers?

If you love Coors Light then stick with the traditional American and Canadian brands (except Miller Light, of course). Drinking anything more expensive than that will most likely be a waste of mon... Read More »

Recommend a beer for me?

Guennis.Turbo Dog from Albeta brewery in Louisiana

Recommend me some new age music?

yeah that's right. every age have it's good for me I listen everything with good quality (harmony,rythm,lyrics,melody,technique,s… from oldies to new my recommends:MIYAVIhttp://... Read More »

Can you recommend some tv shows?

I'm disgusted by almost all reality shows today, but Amazing Race is okay. Never watched Survivor.Warehouse 13 should be back on the air soon. I watch a lot of old Star Trek and Eureka reruns or ... Read More »