Recommend me a Graphics Card?

Answer Its not a matter of what gpu it really depends on your psu wattage. If its 500 watts get a gtx 550 ti. If its more gtx 560 ti.

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What graphics card do you recommend?

The AMD 6850 or 6870 come to mind... :)~Cindy! :)..

What Graphics Card Would You Recommend For My Budget?

YESBuy the GTX660 Ti, a much better card than the non-Ti version.As far as brands, EVGA and ZOTAC are the best nVidia card manufacturers.$280 ($260 after rebate) for GIGABYTE GV-N66TOC-2GD GeForce ... Read More »

Can someone recommend a good graphics card?

In that price range, your best option is a GeForce GT 620:…Next-best would a GeForce GT 520 or Radeon HD 6450:…h... Read More »

Could anyone recommend an alternative graphics card to the nvidia GTX 295?

The GTX 295 is very high end, so there are many options. The Radeon 4870X2 is probably down in price a bit, with the recent release of 5000 series cards.However, linking two cards for increased per... Read More »