Recomend a movie plz?

Answer p.s. i love you, james bond, breakfast at tiffany's that's all i could think of. hope this answers your question

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Have you got a tattoo,,,why did you have it and would you recomend having one?

I have 5 tattoos.I got them for many reasons, one of the main ones being that they just make me happy.I love tattoos, but I don't ever encourage people to get them.Get another tattoo only if you ar... Read More »

I want to get a camera for $200 or less. Want would you recomend?

Compare for yourself...

What would you recomend for spots and dry skin?

Zinthelydenine is a cream prescribed by the doctor for spots. It works a dream.

What do you recomend to stay awake?

Good coffe, try putting some Hazelnut on it.