Recipe for Massage Lotion & Oil?

Answer Massage and massage therapy is a popular way to relieve stress and to heal muscle and joint pain. Although there are a number of commercial massage lotions and oils available, it is possible to mak... Read More »

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Massage Lotion Recipes?

Massage lotion is a popular alternative to standard-issue massage oil. It is less slippery than oil and provides a non-greasy surface for massaging techniques, which can help to relieve muscle tens... Read More »

How to Make Massage Lotion?

Make your own scented or unscented massage lotion. A massage is a calming and skin soothing treatment. You can even add your own favorite fragrance. Having a massage with your own homemade massage ... Read More »

How to Make Chocolate Massage Lotion?

Massage lotions enhance the overall experience of the massage by lubricating the skin and supplying sensual aromas. When the skin is well lubricated, even the slightest touch feels smooth and sexy.... Read More »

Recipe for a Non-Greasy Lotion With Beeswax?

Beeswax in and of itself is not greasy, but the oils it is often combined with can be very greasy. Sunflower oil and light cooking oils are less greasy than avocado oil. If the lotion is too greasy... Read More »