Recently I noticed I'm taking 10-15 Ibuprofen pills a day. Is it normal?

Answer OMG Ibufren are notorious for burning away the lining of the stomach and causing ulcers. Please stop taking them and go and see your DR. Years ago I was taking aspirin for a back problem and caused... Read More »

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What happens if you take combined pills for the week when you should be taking your sugar pills?

its fine--you can choose when and if you want a period or not--the 3 week thing was just a pr choice when they created the pill--they wanted women to feel it was almost natural --and continued with... Read More »

Have you noticed that cacium pills don't work...?

If your body gets too much calcium, it will eliminate it. Sometimes the "too much calcium" can become kidney stones if the body can't rid of the excess fast enough. I think the pills don't work to ... Read More »

Can i take an ibuprofen after taking Tylenol?

Should be OK. But don't take ibuprofen with asprin, they're very similar drugs, so taking both is like an overdoes. Tylenol is different though.

What if your Parents are nudist and have raised you as one. However recently you have noticed that your father tends to get erections when you are around you are only 14 and cant move away yet.?

Tell a relative how this is having an effect on you and ask them to talk to your parents about it. You should not have to witness stuff like this if you don't want to. Your parents should not push ... Read More »