Recently I have been masterbating and I want to change it up. Any Ideas?

Answer have you tried setting the mood for yourself like a warm bath or maybe some sexy music? Maybe rent an adult movie that caters to women. Of course being a man i always thought more women should call... Read More »

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Recently got a new metal black bed and need ideas on how to do up the rest of my room?

i did a black theme room focus on black furniture and painted the room gray walls and white ceiling and white baseboards...i did the wall color in a satin paint so it looks rich i color i... Read More »

Did youtube change its suggestion algorithm recently?

Not sure, mine seems to be rather accurate. The only shift I have noticed is that it seems to include more videos from the same channel than it previously did, even if the video is unrelated. But, ... Read More »

Is masterbating a sin?

According to the bible, it is a sin for men to masturbate. I don't believe that Female Masturbation is brought up.


Try masturbating in the shower. If the water pressure is good then you can just sit or lay down in the shower and let the water hit it. It's clean :)