Recently I have been masterbating and I want to change it up. Any Ideas?

Answer have you tried setting the mood for yourself like a warm bath or maybe some sexy music? Maybe rent an adult movie that caters to women. Of course being a man i always thought more women should call... Read More »

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Have u ever been caught masterbating?

I would look straight into their eyes and finish.

I recently did a scan and apparently have had several trojans on my pc, some have been there for a long time?

If you have trojans you need to get rid of them. Just because they do not seem to be doing any damage or creating problems doesn't mean to say you do nothing about them. Its rather like not going t... Read More »

I have been wearing earrings for 3 year just recently my ear holes have developed knots what should i do?

yea i had just got my ears pirecd at walmart and then thy didnt clean them so my ear got infected and i had giant knotsjust go to a store and pick up some ear care stuff but take out your earingsi... Read More »

Which tampoons have recently been recalled?

Just wad up a bunch of cotton balls and tape them into a tubular shape...oh, and don't forget some string!No one said you can have a girlfriend.`