Received this Rx Relief Card in the mail. Is it some sort of scam?

Answer I just used it at Target pharmacy. The medicine did not cover with my health insurance and cost $24.65 without it. I used this card and it cost me only $4.75.

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Is this A scam This is An E-Mail I received today?

Yes of course its a scam. Do not replyA list of Email hoaxes Fee Fraud…http://ww... Read More »

I received an e mail saying that my acct is full & needs verifying. I must do in 24 hrs. A scam?

100% scam.That is a scammer trying to hi-jack your email address to spam all your contacts and then use the account to spam hundreds/thousands of others.Yahoo and all email companies, all banks and... Read More »

Received a death threat on e-mail (from non-Yahoo e-mail addy)?

If it is a spam letter of some sort from Singapore, what I would do myself is this:Copy all headers from the sender, and send copy to Abuse@their provider/server, as well as to abuse@my email provi... Read More »

Is this email some sort of phishing scam?

Don't open emails from companies that you don't recognize. Many contain malicious code that automatically loads onto your computer and others have viruses that do the same thing.Any email that ask... Read More »