Reccomend me a new pc case?

Answer Rosewill cases at Newegg give you the most for your money. I would get a mid tower with 3 or 4 case fans for good cooling. Nothing else really matters much unless you like the way one looks better.... Read More »

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Reccomend a digital camera for me?

Any dSLR will be worth it if you know exactly how to use them. They are all basically the same. The lower the price tag, the more crippled the camera is. Those bottom of the barrel models are great... Read More »

Top 5 Tablets YOU would reccomend.?

there's more than 5 out there. there's more than 5 out there? what do you think?

What whiskey do you reccomend?

wow! popular question!anyway all you need to know is this:so you like glenfiddich. you cant not like glenfiddich its the most accessable malt available, very nice and very light. good place to star... Read More »

Do you reccomend facebook or my space?

Absulotely Faceebook cause the only people who sees your profile is your friends.. no one alse