Rebuilding an electronic item?

Answer There is nothing better than a gently used pocket rocket. Why spend the time and energy breaking in your own personal "for entertainment purposes only" accessories when total strangers can do it f... Read More »

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If you could invent an electronic item, what would it be?

The " Anti- Grav-pad" Its function is to allow a person to levitate objects of great weight ,without the use of gas powered idea's. Its appearance, though smaller version could be avail... Read More »

I washed and dried a dry clean only item item is it ruined?

Your best hope is to take the dress to a reputable dry cleaner. A professional might be able to fix the dress. I would not try any remedies on silk.-

When selling an item on ebay, how do you ship your item?

through the post office, or UPS. It's your choice how you ship the item. Usually if you give people a choice they pick the cheapest shipping method. I like to use flat rate boxes, it saves time ... Read More »

I ordered a item from Spencers and choose fedex smartpost and i went online and tracked my item and it said it?

Fedex gives many packages for residential customers to deliver. Your mailman should deliver it. First, go on the USPS tracking site, and enter your number. It may not have gone out yet. If it s... Read More »