Reattaching skin to a wound ?

Answer New skin will grow if it is below your nail...your nerves always get protection lol dont worry x

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How to Care for the Dead Black Skin on a Wound?

When a wound is serious in nature, the skin in and around the wound may start dying. This condition is known as necrosis. For removing this dead skin, doctors follow a procedure known as debridemen... Read More »

How to Make Fake Skin for Any Wound or Costume?

This is great for making yourself look like a zombie, alien or a witch. It looks very real and it's cheap and very easy to make.

If you get a wound and place a foreign object over it can the skin grow over it?

Wow, I agree. You ask weird questions. Yes, it can, but it has to be something small.

Can a dog get a deep wound from inside the body and break through the skin?

i just wanted to add that not just chicken bones but ANY bones that have been cooked. chicken bones splinter, so do other cooked bones because during the cooking process they become weaker.sorry i ... Read More »