Reasons why a child should NOT go to preschool?

Answer sending your child to preschool comes down to a personal choice. i recommend sending her to preschool maybe two to three days a week, part time, if you're having hesitations. if you're choosing not... Read More »

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Should my child be in preschool, or can we just wait until she's old enough for kindergarten?

And I agree! :-) It's wonderful you are working with her and she's done so well, but preschool's main goal is social-emotional development. So, if it's possible for you to enroll her in even a t... Read More »

What are some things i should ask before enrolling my child in daycare preschool?

The level of education of their teachers or how they provide ongoing professional development for them.How they handle children when they don't comply. If you want "preschool" for your child it wou... Read More »

How old should a child be to ride in the car without a carseat or what is the weight the child should be?

AnswerThis is regulated individually by each state, so you should check with the driving manual or on the dmv website of the state where you are driving. Typically, there is a weight limit for the ... Read More »

Reasons for a Child to Go to a Boys School?

Seventy-two percent of girls graduate high school, while only 65 percent of boys complete their secondary education. That was among the disturbing figures on U.S. graduation rates produced by the M... Read More »