Reasons to put kids up for adoption?

Answer Because you love them but dont have the money to support you.

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What are reasons to ban gay adoption?

The opposition's main reasons are: to protect their sanctity of marriage, gay marriage isn't a civil rights issue, gays already have protection through domestic partnerships, and they believe that ... Read More »

What are good reasons for gay adoption?

You are assuming "Gay Adoption" is different from "Straight Adoption", it's not. Adoption is when one or two adults voluntarily take someone elses child and become that child's parent(s). There is ... Read More »

Reasons for children to be put up for adoption?

you normally wouldn't but a child up for adoption unless u had no money no family or just didnt want the child but belive me people regret it every day of their lives!!Parent(s) are incapable of lo... Read More »

Reasons Why Mothers Give Up Their Child for Adoption?

For many expectant mothers, supporting and caring for a child is not feasible. These mothers will then turn to adoption to find a suitable home for their children. The support of the father and fam... Read More »