Reasons to Have Pet Day at School?

Answer Over the past few decades, a growing body of research has shown that the presence of pets and companion animals is beneficial to human health and well-being. Pets can have a profound impact on the ... Read More »

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Can a stepparent file a lawsuit if the school administrators refuse to discuss the reasons the school wants to have the child tested for possible learning disabilities and a potential IEP?

If the step-parent has legally adopted, or is the legal guardian, of the child in question they may take any action they feel justified in dealing with the dhild's difficulties. If they have not le... Read More »

Reasons to Go to Public School Instead of Home School?

School is one of the most impacting influences in a child's life. Public school affords children the opportunity to glean influences from a variety of instructors and peers throughout their lifetim... Read More »

Reasons to Go to Art School?

For those interested in the world of art, enrolling in an art-specific institution helps further their career goals. Art students also make connections with other students, with whom they may wish ... Read More »

Three Reasons for a School Shooting?

School shootings are traumatic events that have occurred on many occasions throughout history. Though the true reasons behind them can never fully be understood, there are three distinct, common de... Read More »