Reasons to Give to Your Boss to Quit a Job?

Answer Quitting a job is more than just slamming the door and heading out to a better opportunity. It is important to leave on good terms regardless of personal feelings about the organization. You never ... Read More »

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Give me reasons to quit smoking?

10 reasons to quit smoking…20 reasons to quit smoking:…1440 reasons to quit smoking Read More »

How Do I Let My Boss Know That I Quit Because of Bullying?

Quitting a job takes preparation. You want to be sure you honestly share with your boss why you are resigning, but you must be careful not to burn any bridges at the same time. You never know when... Read More »

How to Get Unemployment If Your Boss Is Making You Quit?

Although quitting your job is not a qualifying reason for claiming unemployment, if you have good cause for leaving, you may still be able to claim. What is good cause depends on the unemployment i... Read More »

How do I tell my boss that I truly don't give a rat's azz "what's best for The Company"?

I just get a flask engraved with "I don't give a ****". Gives me something to point to.EDIT: Someone's gotta stick it to the man. ;)